07 April 2016

Life As Of Now

I haven't been on for a very long time. Life isn't exactly easy for the moment.

I finally have a job I truly like to be at, and have been here since June of 2014. The hours suck, but the owner is a great guy.

Grandma passed almost two years ago. I miss her and I don't. It's still just strange that she isn't in her house with my aunt.

I was evicted from my apartment of 6 years this month. It's ok since the owner is a scumbag lying ass.

I learned to knit last September, and have been having a blast doing it, and I may be making a business out of it when I get more practice in, I have sold at least two items so far though.

I haven't been doing much in the way of magick in a year, but I feel it's time to be a witch again. To be honest, I've been bouncing for a long time and that may be my problem everywhere else. I tried to be a decent Christian for a bit, but it doesn't sit well with my spiritual connections. So I'm going back to what I love most.

With the move, I've done a great deal of purging in my life...and found that I feel a lot more liberated. I plan to do more in the coming months when I have a place to live. I can't wait!!

My reading had been a lot of different stuff including Jane Austen, I do know why but I'm a bit obsessed again.

I will be here more often soon enough...my life needs a lot of cleaning and purging before I get back, but I will get back!!

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