17 August 2014

The New Makeup Of My Life

Since June 26, my life has taken on a new structure. I can say it's been good and bad. Everything that keeps happening to me is only pushing me to where I need to be.

I began a new job on the 26th, and I do love it...there are a few exceptions to this, but nothing a good audio book, hardcore prayer and a lot of staying inside my own head won't cure.

My boss is a great guy, and is willing to help me in any way he can...I have been there nearly two months now and he sees that I am a hard worker so he wants to do all he possibly can for me.  The gentlemen who work there are good guys and are very easy going. One even encourages me spiritually.

The ladies who work there: two sisters and a daughter/niece to them both are the exceptions I spoke about. When they aren't fighting or angry with each other, they turn to attempting to criticizing me...this is where the headphones and audio books come on to drown this out. I don't work for them and I am not their family so they can leave me alone. I have my own family who loves me very much and treat me well....outsiders don't need to put me down in any way...even my own family doesn't do that.

Because I am getting back on track financially, I almost got evicted from my apartment last week. It was fixed, but at a price, in a way. I am working on getting things where they need to be so I can do the things I want and need to do in the future.

I still want to move from this apartment because I hate it here, but that can wait a little while until I am back on track with my money.

Grandma passed on July 17. Her heart had been failing her and she went quietly in her sleep without knowing anyone the last week of her life. She is with Grandpa finally but I miss her terribly and I have not been taking this as well as I should be. She was 89, so she lived a long life and I had a lot of years with her, so I was blessed.

I have been trying to get myself back on track mentally, but the blows of the 
sat few months have taken their toll, and I am only pushing forward one incident at a time. I am plugging alone with the hope that things will get better soon.

I've lost a lot this year, but I may be able to make it soon. I see better things ahead....even my job will be a worry free zone where I know I won't be let go....I am hoping that I can transfer when this company gets its other department operating where I excell. 

Yes, I know life will get better, I just need to keep going!

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