13 August 2013

Phones, Attitudes, Life LOL

I called my phone carrier about the problems with my phone and to find out how much more I had to pay on it, and it wasn't much...well, the customer service representative helped me do something cool and cheap.

We switched things out and I am getting a new phone this week.  It will be nice too.  I will be eligible to get a new phone every 6 months instead of 2 years on an upgrade without changing my plan.

I am not a lover of technology, but this new phone-a Galaxy S4 looks awesome and more productive in the long run.  I can't wait to get it.

I have been doing a bit of research on it and on how to use it and it seems like there is so much more that can be done.  It even has stuff for health and other things...way cool.

Work isn't as great as it should be, but what can I say?  I think most of it is the weather, but I am not deluding myself, I know it is the personalities of the people I work with.  

I also think it is the ignorance of the people I work with.  I will just stay with it until things improve.

The boss said that if I can improve on two areas, I could possibly move up in the company since I already have the great attitude (hmmm...that is odd, a great attitude, something my last job said sucked for me, weird) and the ambition to move up and do more, but it was in the area of efficiency and quality that I needed to work on, and she knows I have only been at this a while and it is hard to get at top speed in the short amount of time I have been there because I started from scratch.  She also said she would help work with me if I need the help. I only need help on one thing now, and that is speed on pressing pants...that will come when I get more opportunities to press in that area.

I have also averaged my hours out since I started to be at 37...more than some who started before me, but closer to full time than anyone realizes.  I haven't said anything about this because I know that people will be very upset when they find out and take it out on me and complain...what am I supposed to do about the fact that many of them don't want to work extra hours?  They don't want to come in on their off days or stay a little later every day, how is that my problem?

It isn't something I am going to worry about because it is not my problem.  I am just going to continue to do what I have to do to get where I need to there, or start quietly searching for a new job soon.  I really don't want another job, but if I have to, I will.

Either way, I need to tune out everyone and their problems and complaining at work.  They are affecting the way I think some days to.  I don't want to be like that...ever

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