20 August 2013

Karma Is My Friend

I got my new phone!!

I love it so far, but figuring it out is taking a lot of time!  It is all touch screen, and I am not used to that, I used to have a flip style phone that opened up to a keyboard...now I have to rotate the phone to get the keyboard to be normal for me.  You should see the typos!  Oh my!

I am still getting my apps in, but I will have them soon enough.  

I have somehow managed to snag a three day weekend for Labor Day.  I don't know how that happened, but I am not complaining and I will take advantage of it to the fullest!

The woman at work who thought she could bully me has finally found out how Karma works...she has hit rock bottom...unfortunately, we all knew what the root of all of her problems were:  alcohol.

She is getting help now.  For how long, we don't know, but her family has finally agreed to help her temporarily with her financial situation in exchange for her getting help with alcohol...I know what it is like to be that close to alcoholism, so I am cutting her a lot of slack this week when the personality disorder hits.  I will wish her luck and hope she takes advantage of this, but I am not getting involved with the situation.  

Either way, Karma showed her what she needed to do to change her situations and improve herself.  She will find soon that once she starts on her path and fixes all that she has broken she will have a better and fuller life.  I will still protect myself from her and those at work who are the same way, but I will not go any further than that.

I am planning changes in my own life for next week...they will begin Sunday.  I will blog about them soon.

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