07 July 2013

Using Lessons Learned

You know, I shouldn't complain about this, but it is getting so hot and with the rain, it isn't much better here.  

I know it gets hot in the summertime where I live, but lately it is getting to the point where I can no longer deal well with the heat.  I don't know why.

I used to be able to go out during the summer and enjoy the warm air, and go for walks in the park, but these days, it is so hard to.

I've been working on getting things organized and under control in my life...so far, it is going well.  Everything is starting to have a place and I am able to do things in a timely fashion.  It is nice.

Work is going well, but it there are things there that I am trying very hard to keep quiet about and not get upset over.  It is the same as it was when I worked there before, except some of the newer people and one or two of the original people seem to make it a better place with their attitudes.  I just stay calm and try to push those negative energies away, but eventually I may have to stand my ground and speak up against it.

It is alright so far, the lessons I learned at my last job really helped me to learn to protect myself well while I am at this job now, and it hasn't gotten to me yet. I also keep reminding myself that ignorance is bliss and prejudice is a natural inclination in the human psyche, so I must use patience with them.

They still get weird about the young man I spoke about, but he doesn't let it affect him in any way, and I am trying to take on his attitude about the whole thing...he and I have a shared passion for reading and we chat about that while others look at us like we are from Mars or something...I secretly laugh over the puzzled expressions because they now understand that I am someone who is intelligent and I love to expand my world to the edge of the universe.

Either way, it will work itself out and by the Goddess, I will prevail and I will be alright against this place....and its bullies and ignorant beings.

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