14 July 2013

Taking Care Of Business Fae Style!

It happened.  The woman at work pushed it to the breaking point on Friday afternoon.

Rather than crying, and going on to let it get to me.  I did get upset, went home calmed myself down and went to work yesterday determined to NOT let anything get to me and do my job...with a twist.

One of the ladies who was witnessing the situation and how it was handled was with me when I went to management, along with a few others who had witnessed or heard about the issues all week.  It will be taken care of, and I let it be known that I will no longer be a victim of this kind of verbal attack.

I used the words "harassing", "targeting", "abusive", "bullying",  and "rude" to get my point across. The manager looked at me with bug eyes.  She did try to see if the problem lie with me as well, but when the witness defended me by stating exactly WHAT the bully was doing, she backed off of me and I admitted that yes, there may have been an issue with the way I was doing things, but that did not constitute being talked to like garbage...that the other woman could easily have come to me and spoke to me with common courtesy and basic human dignity.  The witness defended me in a way that was humbling and quite frankly, like a loyal friend even though we are not friends.

I have a feeling I be at work tomorrow and the bully will either ignore me or come to me crying and apologizing.  Either way, I will accept whichever  happens and do my job.  That is what I am there for, and I will work to the best of my ability.

Friday, I was helped by fellow co-workers throughout the afternoon and they treated me with such kindness and compassion, I see the basic differences from the past.  I feel very good about working with them, and vow that I will constantly treat them as team members and with the same kindness and compassion they have shown me.  They have come to the point where they work together and they are good together, even when one or another gets on nerves at times.

As of this moment, all that I learned from my last job and from Laura Stamps has started to pay off and become a benefit to me personally and I am ready to face whatever happens and not quit this job because of one person who has NO authority.

I have been doing my morning empowerment and protection rituals, but added in the use of a rune for protection and it seems to be helping a lot!  This helps me to make sure I take matters in my own hands and NOT allow others to overpower me again!

I will no longer blog about this incident because there will be no need of it in the future because it is taken care of and over with.

I will not think about it or work when I clock out and go home anymore either, it has been clogging my creative spirit and I cannot live with that anymore...and I won't.  I need to do what is needed to be ME and that place is just an income source and not worth the extra worry.

Blessed be

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