03 July 2013

Making Changes

I am going to work to try to get on here more often.  

I miss being here and blogging about things, or sharing what is new in my life...or old. ~grins~

I know I have gotten into this habit of writing on a semi regular basis, but I think it would be nice to come around more often and talk about anything and everything that is interesting in life...

I should come here more often and talk about my Wiccan path.  I don't do that often enough and it makes me wonder if it would help me.

Maybe if I start talking about my journey, it will inspire me to do more.  

I should catch up on my emails!  I haven't done those in weeks because I have been adjusting to the job and the heat and the walking again...

Another couple of habits I should get into, huh?  It is time I did them anyway.

I know I have written about this a couple of times in the last few weeks, but I am still working on getting my apartment cleaned.  

I have a new goal for my apartment...to turn it into my own personal sanctuary.  A place of peace, and where I can practice Wicca without worries.

Of course, I can also be doing this so that if/when I am able to afford a new place I won't  have so much to move out of it.  I still hate this place and this loud obnoxious neighborhood and want out.  I just need to be able to afford and find a better place.

I am tired of the noise, the sirens, the rifles going off, the dirt, and the decrepit look of this apartment and this neighborhood.  It has this poor quality to it that makes me wish I didn't live here.

I know things are going to move forward in my quest to change and to find new ways to live my life. I am not worried in the least.

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