21 July 2013

Getting There

Forgive me for not being here recently, I intended to blog on Wednesday which was my day off but I was called in to work and I need the money.  I INTENDED to blog yesterday but after six days of straight work all I did was come in, watched a movie and had something to eat, slept five hours then got up to finish said movie, took a shower then went back to sleep another ten hours.  I was wiped out this week.

There hasn't been much going on recently.  I spent most of the week trying to conserve my energies for work.  

I have a new friend who challenged me in writing the other night.  She was fantastic!  I needed that a lot.  Granted the writing challenge came in the form of erotica, but the boost inspired me in many ways to begin working again.  

While this friend inspires me to write better and stronger, she also challenges me and helps me in writing.  I still haven't started working on what I need to do, but I am better equipped.

Over the course of the next few weeks  I am going to learn to better organize my online time so that I am better at getting online to blog, write and do the things that I need to do to make life better all around for myself.

I have talked about organization a lot in past posts and I have been making great progress in that department.  

The next phase of my organization is to throw away things that are no longer useful for my life and all of the old papers that seem to accumulate in my little apartment.  I have this pack rat mentality when it comes to paperwork.  I don't know why I have to keep every piece of paper that comes into my hands.  This is the next step...and will be done this week.

I am getting there!

***By the way, I am working slowly towards my 200th post!

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