05 June 2013

Updating and Such

The new job is going well.  I am happy and grateful to have a job so I am not doing much complaining.

I am learning new things at the job but I see a lot of the same old same old there!

I am working on getting myself back on track and working towards a healthier self.  I can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks.

A friend and I are doing a new blog about Diana Gabaldon...it is about as many things as we can do, even a re-read discussion on the books.  It will be fun and I cannot wait to get going!!

I am having trouble with my internet and it is making me crazy, I am trying for patience but it isn't working...I think I need to find a new outlet for the upset..I don't know why, but it is irritating to keep trying and I am searching for a better and more affordable internet provider.

This month should start proving to be financially better.  I am hoping by the end of July to be able to have all my bills up to date and down to a reasonable amount for each.

Life is alright at home as of now.  I am hoping to get things going that I want to have out there and running.

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