16 June 2013

Routines, Writing, and Laziness

I have begun a new phase of my life in the ALA.  I am not saying what because I have to do it in a way that is balanced and good for both them and me.

I am also working on myself as a person...again!  

I know, I know, I keep saying these things, but I have to do them to make myself feel like I am on the right track in life.

I have sat up a few nights this month thinking about the things that I am and what I want to accomplish and again finding new ideas in my mind to try.  I am thinking about adding many to my daily life if I can.

Every day, I have been doing little bits to change things in my apartment to make it feel more homey rather than just a place to make another mess and sit around doing nothing.

I am also contemplating the idea of doing a book review blog.  I am going to talk to a few people and find out how to do this.  

I want to do one that is suited to my tastes in reading.  It would be nice to add that to my life.

Although, I still want to write books...maybe I can do something like that soon.  I keep watching my friends on Facebook who are getting published and wanting that so bad.

Then again, in order for that to happen, I need to WRITE and soon.

I have rooted out the reason for my issues...I am a bit lazy when it comes to this and that is why I am trying to establish the other routines so that I can add this in and make is something that is just done without me thinking about it.  

I need to get over this laziness and move on with my life.

Life at work is still basically the same, but I am learning to tune the others out.  I am doing better at the new things they are teaching me and I hope I am becoming an asset to my job.  

Life is ok.

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