11 May 2013

New New New

I am loving my job so far.  It is hard work, and I have only worked a few days this week, but that is alright since it is a job.

I am learning a lot there this week and finding that I am glad to be back, though I do still protect myself from things because I see the pitfalls there now that I am mentally aware of them.

I am hoping that things improve greatly because there are things in my apartment I would finally like to throw away and to start fresh.

I need new dishes, bed linens and clothes.  I am going to replace those in the near future.

It seems things are going great for many of my friends and I am glad to see that the world will start going fine again soon!

I cannot wait to see what I can accomplish in the near future.

Now to get myself into those routines I am constantly talking about...hehehe

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