07 May 2013

I Have A Job

I am sorry for not being here for a while.

I had lost my electric AGAIN and was having a lot of financial difficulties that kept me away from things.

Two weeks ago, I called a former employer to ask if she would mind if I used her as a reference while looking for a job.  She said yes, then we talked for a little while and she asked me if I would like to come in for an interview, I said yes, but the only thing I feared was that I had already worked for the company before and didn't know how people would feel having me there, she told me not to worry and all we were doing was an interview to see if I fit in with the new regime, and if it didn't work out, she was more than happy to give me a glowing reference for any job I applied for.

They called me Friday and I began my new/old job yesterday.  It was nice, they hired me back to work in a different department than I was used to and were willing to train me to do a different job...they also started me out a bit more than I was making when I left for the other job that fired me.

There is a new and more positive attitude about the place this time.  Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the place when I was there before, but this time, there is a lighter air about the place, like it had gotten a spring clean and everything was fresh and calm despite the amount of work all of the employees now have...and their workload has increased in a great way, and I am glad.

It was nice to see how much more they were doing there despite the NEW shiny cleaners I went to work for, and that any lost business came back to them.  I hated that they lost some business, but it looks like they found a way to fix that and look for more ways to make money.

I am very proud of them for how they were able to rally and pull themselves up from the recession that seems to be squeezing the life out of all of us very slowly and painfully.

I have to go back to walking for about 35 minutes every day, but that is alright, it keeps me young and healthy.

I am just excited about being able to afford food and all of my bills!

Now it is time to start concentrating on the things I want to accomplish next on my To-Do list!!  

I am ready to get to the other things that I want to get done in the near future, and I am ready to get to them now.  Many don't have anything to do with money, but with myself and now that the bad is behind me, I am ready to move on to accomplish the good!!

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