16 May 2013

A Young Man Named R

There is this young guy I work with, he is very energetic and has a great attitude.

He is also into reading books about things that others find a bit weird...like a woman who went to live in a village where the people practiced voodoo...he acts like a wild child, but he is very intelligent.

He knows Spanish and speaks fluently with this girl we have at work who is very sweet...

However, I have found that while others there like him, they are quick to make stupid and ignorant comments concerning the things he likes to read and the things he enjoys.  

Why do people do that?  What would they do if they KNEW that I am a Wiccan AND a bisexual woman?  What would they say to the stuff that I like to read and the things I love to do?

I don't understand why people are quick to put down those who wish to use their minds to grow and to understand the world around them.  It is crazy to see this going on all over the world.

R must be about 25 years old if he is a day and has never been to college, but that doesn't seem to stop this young man from devouring knowledge...he is a very kind man too, he isn't judgemental or crazy.  

Actually, R is a very handsome young man even with the tattoos and the gravelly voice.  He is quick with a smile, a comment, a laugh or help when needed.  Everyone loves him there...so why treat the things he enjoys with such a derogatory attitude?

Just because he likes to read about this adventuress going to places we never will doesn't mean he will go crazy on people and start doing oddball things!!

Malcolm X ended up reading the Koran and went on a pilgrimage to learn about Islam!  Nobody things he was crazy or nuts even if he often spoke too forcefully during his fight for equality and a dissolution of segregation...he was a hero and a legend...who says this young man will not be that someday too? 

Besides, isn't knowledge the key to understanding and understanding is the key to power???  Just a thought.

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