01 April 2013

April 2013 Goals

Happy April 1!

I have set some minor goals for the month of April.

First and foremost is to find a job.

The other goals are to start taking vitamins again and start my beauty routines again.  I am tired of looking tired all the time and tired of feeling less than up to par in my health.  I started today.

Yes, I have been thinking about my grandmother a lot and how things have slid so much over the last years of her life, and I don't want to be like that in my old age. 

My other goal for the month is to get my home cleaned and organized.  I have begun the work today and it is coming along nicely.  It is time to make my home my sanctuary not a pigsty.

I have set up my organizer so that I can see a To-Do list and be able to accomplish things as best as I can through the month.  I am not forcing things, and things that don't get accomplished will be a part of the next month's agenda.

The other is to get on a regular sleep schedule so I don't waste my days!  I am tired of being awake all night and sleeping all day, wasting time.

Since my To-Do list is short each month, getting things done will be easier.  It would be stupid to make a list the size of Santa's Nice and Naughty lists because I would never accomplish them without a sense of being overwhelmed. This is a good way to get things done.  Besides, this is the method Stephen R. Covey suggests in his books..

I am also starting to learn to knit.  It isn't easy, but I want to learn so that I have something productive to do and I like crafts. I can crotchet so that is fun to do to, along with embroidery.

I want to sew too sometime soon.  I don't know why, but this  need to learn these old fashioned domestic things is important to me right now.

I also have an idea on my writing and I am looking into what I can do with them.

By the end of this month, I am hoping to have some good new habits and a clean home!

Wish me luck!

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