30 March 2013

Lover At Last By J.R. Ward

I finished reading Lover At Last by J.R. Ward.  I loved it!

It was wonderful to see her writing back where it needs to be.  

The book was full of adventure and the romance of Blay and Qhuinn was good, though Blay needed a few knocks on the head to wake his silly butt up!

The further development of Assail and revisiting many of the regular cast of characters was wonderful!  

To be honest, I am still thinking that Xcor is a bit of a crybaby at times but that is my opinion.  I also think a bit of re-working the Lessening Society would be in order because they are turning into drug lords and not doing what they are supposed to do-fight the Brotherhood as the originals did.

I do love the fact that in this book Qhuinn learns to accept himself for who he is and to forgive those who have wronged him...the fact that he became a Brother was heart warming and beautifully written.  Can't help but wonder if we will see the day he gets to help induct John Matthew and Blay into the Brotherhood and how he will react to that.

The next book is about Wrath once again...it will be nice to see things come around and I can only hope that in doing so, many of the loose ends will be tied up...then again, those are the reasons we keep reading them (example:  Diana Gabaldon's novels for those of us who love reading her books).  Part of me wants to see some things finished but the other part wants to see how everything rounds itself out.

I think she did a great job with Lover At Last and I can't wait for the next book.

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