02 March 2013

Being An Example To The Next Generations

I have to question humanity these days.

I am sorry, but recently I am finding that rudeness, disprespect and general apathy is NOT a trait of the youth of our world, but an example they learn by-yes, you guessed it folks....ELDERS!!!

I don't understand why it is that those who are to set the example for the youth are NOT teaching them HOW to show basic human dignity and kindness.

Recently a friend of mine who is 23 years old was talked down to and treated horribly because he needed to use a ramp at the local grocery store after having walked from a parking spot far away from the handicap zone (to which he had the special plates for) because an elder had used up two of the handicapped spaces then blocked the ramp so he could load up his car.  My friend has a prosthetic leg and had recently had a heart transplant...when he said something kindly to the elder gentleman, the elder said very nastily that my friend could use the steps...when my friend told him WHY he couldn't the elder man sneered at him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry but this newer generation IS going to becoming home and using the handicapped licenses and stickers and you may NOT see their need for it because they will cover it up with pants and other ways....they are veterans wounded in war and we have to stop and think before we judge them....my friend is not a veteran, but that wasn't the point.  He still needed those special helps for a reason and the elder gentleman did not stop and think...or look at my friend.

Our elders are NOT the only ones who have need of mobile carts and handicapped spots.

Another incident happened again only with a 15 year old young man who volunteers his Friday nights out of respect to not only his grandfather but to our military-past and present-by helping the American Legion raise money in a fish fry.

The young man is an intelligent young man, loyal and respectful of his elders...and a lady whom he has waited on on several occasions has treated him with disdain and cruelty.  Everything he does in wrong and everything he fixes is wrong.  She is mean to him and she is around my own age....what kind of an example is this woman teaching this young man?  

She, and the elder along with MANY others in this world are increasingly rude and mean to others around us.

Here is another example:

I can walk down the street here in my city and I would hear "hello" or "good day", or "excuse me", or hear a happy remark on the lovely weather....from young people, Black Americans and those who have come to this country to be citizens of this nation.  From people my age and older, I get shoved aside on the sidewalk, looked at like I shouldn't be there or ignored when I say hello myself.

It is no wonder our young people aren't being nice to us when we aren't teaching them how to be HUMAN anymore!!!

Yes, I said it!!  We are teaching them that it is OK to be rude, it is ok to be disrespectful and it is OK to have NO value for human dignity and that human kindness is NOT a good thing.  It will make it easier for them to decide to hit the button on nuclear war when they get older doesn't it???  

Everyone thinks it is the job of parents, grandparents, and teachers to teach these kids these things, and generally you are right, but when they go out to PRACTICE these teachings, we as ADULTS in the world should encourage that and be an example of what a parent is trying to teach their child, don't you think?

We should show them OTHER role models-those who are my age and older....it is the gift we give them that is more valuable than money.  

I also see nobody standing up for these young people...of course, in the case of this 15 year old boy, I am going to take over handling this woman and if I have to, I will stick up for him, I will show him that what he is learning from his family and at school can be used in the future.

It is also why I help and encourage the young people I come in contact with as often as I do.  

We all know that it is good to teach them, but to SHOW them how it is done is also part and parcel of the package and it is not just the responsibility of the parents, it is the duty of every adult to show them this.

Besides ladies and gentlemen....these young people will be running this country someday-one of them is going to be president of the United States and when they are, do you WANT to be left in the cold, because that is exactly what may happen if we don't change this and show them NOW!!!!  

Someday they will be adults and the example for another generation....what do you want them to teach that generation?

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