27 February 2013

Living Without Electricity

I am sorry for not being around for the last 2 weeks, I had lost my electricity due to my own stupidity in financial stupidity.

The last two weeks have taught me a lot and I am a bit stronger than I was before and a lot more knowledgeable.

I am still searching for a job, but everything will be alright since I have leads on jobs and things.

I did learn that I enjoy living without the trappings of the modern era and that it is fun to camp out-of sorts and live a more simplistic life style.  I did like doing things by candle light too.  It was romantic, but not good for reading lol

I caught up on my reading too.  I relaxed a lot and stayed off of sites from my phone that I didn't need to be on just to save my phone battery and found myself more relaxed than anything.

Either way, I am glad for the time I spent without it.  I don't want to do it again, but now I know I can and won't have to worry.

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