12 January 2013

Witchery Series, Laura Stamps, and Empowerment

I have been re-reading Laura Stamps'  Witchery series, a series of books that lead into the Rune series and her Manigault series...or actually all three interweave and they are awesome.

However, this isn't a review on the series, but an empowering post on ME and what this series keeps reminding me of.

Anyone who reads Laura's novels will see what I mean.  Each witch comes face to face with issues that are in their hearts and problems that they must deal with on their journey to happiness and prosperity..each novel is filled with blessings, spells and yummy sounding recipes from the authoress herself.

I always get the feeling that there are things I must DO after reading these books, but at the same time every single one of them empowers me and motivates me.

The empowering is a special thing and gives me a feeling that I am stronger, and after that wicked spider vamp, reading them makes me lighter of heart too.

In a way, you could say that reading  The Witches of Dixie, What Witches Want, and Call of the Witches, may have been the beginning of my personal transformation, and the first step to taking back the control of my own life...it was also the beginning of a very special friendship.

You see, after reading the books, and having that feeling that everything needed to change and I needed to become more of who I really AM inside, the wheels of change truly began...Laura and I talked a bit in the beginning and after I lost my job, I found a true friend and mentor in herself and her Ken (yes all, HER Ken, he is obviously THAT after all lol).  

Throughout these changes in myself, I am learning a whole lot, and most of it thanks to Laura and Ken and their constant help and support.  Each day is a new adventure, even with the worry I often feel, they are there.

The most important things I learned from The Witchery Series is that if change MUST happen, I cannot sit back, I HAVE to work those changes in myself and in my world in order to have that positive, prosperous life I KNOW is meant for me...and in prosperous, I am not talking financially, but mentally and physically....and in Savannah,  Mirabella, Ravena, Maylene, and Noelle, I think I have some great heroines to follow along with and gain strength from!!

I have also learned from Laura herself.  She as been a fountain of love, friendship and a personal cheerleader!  I am very grateful for her and what she has done for me and what she continues to do for me in her humble and loving way!

I love you Laura!!



Laura Stamps, Pagan Erotica Novelist said...

You are so sweet!!! No wonder Ken and I adore you and Miss Emma so much!!

What a wonderful surprise to see your email about this blog post. We are totally flattered. And honored. Yes, very honored to be able to help a precious Fey like you that we love so much. And we are proud of the progress you have made. You are truly becoming the awesomeness you weren't meant to be. Weeeeeee!

I see great things for you on the near horizon. Get ready....!! ~Fey Queen wink~


Karollynn said...

Thank you again! It is an honor knowing both of you! You make me smile every day!

I am taking one step at a time, but I am getting there!!