14 January 2013

Routines Needed

I feel like I am going everywhere and nowhere at the same time!  

With all of these ideas in my head and all of the things I want to do and need to do, I feel like I am running around without a plan and the organization necessary to get to the next point in my realms.

House cleaning, laundry, wanting to write, wanting to read  all of these great books, and wanting to get a job are all things I am trying to juggle in my life...I need to focus.

Or rather...this girl needs a real routine.

Yeah, yeah, I talk about this a lot but for some reason I haven't been able to do it.  I have no idea why I don't.

I think what really happens is that I INTEND to get up at a certain time and I INTEND to do something AFTER I do something else, and get side tracked, or I slam the snooze button and get up hours after I want to get up and then think to myself that it is now too late to do what I INTENDED to do in the first place.

What I really NEED to do is set that routine up so that I have no other option, or set up that TO DO list with a determination to get as much done on the list as I can from day to day.

I have had so much trouble getting to sleep at night these day, I get up later in the morning.  It is sad since I used to have a great routine when I got up at the same time every day.

It used to be that I could get up at a certain time, go to bed around a certain time and be ok with things until this past year or so.  My routine for the morning and the evening were set up so that my internal clocks knew what they had to do, then do it....I have been trying desperately to get back into those particular routines and failing miserably.

It may be that my body is ready for changing its schedule and I am changing my priorities in life so that I can do things differently...I don't know but it is crazy.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about when I go to bed and when I get up in the morning, as long as I still follow those routines WHEN I get up in the mornings and go to bed at night.

Either way, I need to get organized again and get things done so that I don't feel like I haven't accomplished anything from day to day.  


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