05 January 2013

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday!  


I am glad I made it to 43, it is actually really cool!

Even though, I do feel a bit weird about not having a job right now or anyone to share my day with, it is a good one.

I will fix these two problems someday, and it will be alright.  I can't expect an overnight fix can I?

Anyway, I feel great about myself and about the world I live in and I plan to do whatever it takes for me to make it in this world without assistance from anyone.

I hear there are new job openings at the college, and I am on the bus route.  They have benefits and they have free education if I ever want it...but I have to apply.

I am not going to dwell on that today, it is my Jane Austen birthday...I am watching  Jane Austen movies, and reading Pride & Prejudice...AGAIN!

I love Jane so spending my birthday isn't as bad as anyone thinks!!

Have a great day!!!

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