09 January 2013

Following My Dreams

I keep thinking about my dreams of writing and why I don't just do that while I am looking for a job. Why not?

I should just go for it and try!!  After all it is my dream to be a writer and I can be one if I am able to, right?

Even if it doesn't make money, at least I will be following a dream, and a good one at that!

I have listened to people for far to long now, saying it isn't practical, but why should I stifle my own dreams for fear of what someone else says or thinks?  I am a grown woman and have the ability to know myself.  I am tired of those fears of what others think of me.

Our world is full of people who have never followed their dreams and have listened to others, and they are unhappy in life.  I don't want to be one of those people anymore.  I want to follow my dreams.

Okay, I know I will need money and I have to pay bills, but I can look for a way to support myself while I write and hopefully keep writing after I get a job (if that is possible these days).  I will work on both when the time comes...others have, why can't I?

Who is to say that I need to drift through life only worrying about money and bills?  Or worrying about what others think of me?  I shouldn't worry about those things!

Let's face it, when my last day comes I don't want to stand at the gates and regret anything in life!  I want to at least say I tried and sometimes failed but I did it!!

I will begin as soon as possible...maybe I will write a new blog about it...sounds tempting, but I will think about that soon!!

~Happy Reading

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