20 January 2013

Accomplishing ME!

After my last post about routines, I got to thinking about what I want and need to accomplish for these routines, and why I want  a routine, the answers were interesting.

I want to feel like I accomplish something every day that signifies a beginning and an end to each and every day.  To KNOW there are things I need to do in order to get through each day-more than brrushing my teeth, combing my hair and getting dressed...or taking a shower and brushing my teeth before bed.

It would be nice to get more done through the day and still find an hour or two to do what I would like to do-go for walks or just relax for a little while.  

I want that feeling of being able to accomplish things within the day that I need to accomplish AND to fulfill my dreams of writing.

I have been thinking about several different types of routines I could accomplish for myself, but the problem is that I fizzle out when I am preparing to begin.  I need to break these bad habits.

Speaking of habits.  I am reading Stephen r. Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to see what help this book can give me.

So far reading is slow, and not because I can't get into the book, but because I can honestly say that I have been a bit lazy in reading or other things seem to come up for some reason (usually in the form of a friend calling me and talking for hours on end).  

Today, I am going to spend time reading the book and plan to ignore the phone unless it is important.  I need to focus on what is important instead of letting myself be dragged into things before I am ready to be dragged into them each day.  I am also planning to ignore Facebook for a few hours too since that site is the reason why I waste so much time through the day.

I am tired of wasting time through the day not accomplishing anything.  There really isn't an excuse for me since I am not married or have children to sideline things for me, so I need to work harder on this than I have in the past.

There is another aspect of things I need to accomplish....my personal Pagan path. 

Yes, I have to be who I am and start letting the myself be free to express myself.  It is more healthy for me if I do this.  I do have a reading list for this as well.  I love reading about it, but it is time to start practicing what I am learning.  I feel good when I am walking down this path, spending time being the person I am meant to be.

I guess you could say that what I am trying to really accomplish right now is being comfortable in my own skin and in my own life and my own world.  I hate the itchy feeling that I am supposed to be doing something when I am not.

Today, I am going to make out a written list of things that need to be done as I read Covey's book and do some personal things.  I think it will be a great day for that.

As for writing, I will do some of that as well.  If I really want to do this, I HAVE to do this and stop whining about it and just DO it!  There is no point in putting this off any longer.

I believe I am going to start with the basics of what is on my Facebook page notes and work from there in real time.  I have a lot of material there that I can use to begin the work.  I am not going to give anyone the links for this yet because it is a roleplay style writing that is being done and I am not sure many understand the roleplaying mindset...I mainly use this to practice and to study how human beings react in situations in and out of their ordinary realms.  

Roleplaying is fun, and I have a few wonderful and trusted friends helping me do this so that I can watch them and their personalities, but eventually it will be my words and the way I want to accomplish this that will be written down and done in my own book.  Though we all have a lot of fun coming up with ideas on which directions to take things.

I also have two other ideas for writing that I want to explore without the role play aspect going on.  These ideas are secret right now, and I am working on one or two in my head.  I think they could work if I do a bit more research and exploration.  They are fun ideas that I can work on as I work on everything else.

I don't want to be Diana Gabaldon or anyone else, I just want to try and see if I can actually do this and be able to say at the end of this life that I did try-whether or not I publish anything...at least I will  not have regrets at the end.

I forgot to mention that I did sign up for a magick class online at Magicka School.  I know that learning on my own is more important, but these are basic courses and something nice to add to my knowledge of the Craft and my path.  There is a forum there where I can chat with other Witches and Wiccans on the way so I can make friends.  The basic courses are free and those are the ones I am taking for now, and maybe I will change things up and pay into more later on, but for now the basics are enough.

I know that I don't need this since Paganism, Wicca and the Craft are not exclusive to one teaching like the other religions of the world, but it is a helpful tool to use.  In the end, I know I can use what is learned there to my own benefit.

That is the best part of my path...I don't have to follow someone else's ideals, I can follow my own and get help from others following different paths without fear of being looked down upon.  I think many covens are the same way...it is about the learning process and helping each other to achieve their goals in communing with nature, Deity and the universe in general.

I think that is best for me right now.  Since I gained a bit of freedom with myself, I have discovered a love for ME that wasn't there before, and I want to continue to explore it, and embrace who I really am.  

I said in a previous post about Laura Stamps that there were things I felt I must DO whenever I read her books, and I know now what it is that I want to accomplish...ME!!

Now you know why I really want to have routines and get organized in my life, so that I CAN accomplish all of these things for ME!!!

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