12 December 2012

The Year Of Growth Coming Up

Today, I purchased The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephan R. Covey.  

It will be here by tomorrow thanks to the wonderful people of Amazon.com.  

I bought the book along with another of Mr. Covey's books because I wanted to see how this man could help me improve myself.

Yes, I admit that I will need help in fixing things in my life that aren't right.  I won't deny this since doing things by myself has not worked because I have sabotaged myself ever step of the way.

When I bought the book, I started thinking about other things in my life and how they can be improved as well, and I thought about this blog and it's usefulness.  

What can be gained from this blog if I don't use it for the good of myself and others along the way?  What does this blog do?

The answers so far are simple...I post about depressing things OR I talk about books I have read, and to be honest, how much does that help others when there are book review blogs that do a great job on their own?  Look at my sidebar link and you can find those amazing blogs for yourself.

No, what this blog needs to do is not only help me document my journey in life, but to help me improve myself along the way.  It needs to be something of worth to read for others out there who want to see what happens in this journey I am taking.

So, what do I propose to do about this?  

I propose to actually read Mr. Covey's book, and follow its examples, and hopefully find other books to enrich my life and follow their examples and document them here.

Why not?  After all, why keep what I learn to myself?  Why not share my journey with the world?

I will blog about my journey and where it takes me over the course of the next year.  

Though, I think I will be spending the rest of this week doing some house cleaning and some mental changes in myself so that I prepare myself.

I will read the first chapters of Mr. Covey's book and blog about them when I read the book.

I am looking forward to this, I cannot wait to see what this does for me personally.  I need to fix things for myself.

I also have a few other books that I will read that are already in my bookshelf.  I will read them all one at a time and use them for my own personal benefit.

I think I will call 2013 my year of Personal Growth and Enrichment.  It will be about many aspects of myself that need work and growth, but I am going to try this.  

I will make an attempt to blog as often as possible because that is part of this journey.

There are more ideas for myself forming in my head now, and I will get to them as soon as I can and then I will explore them and see what kinds of fruit they produce!

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