05 December 2012

Physical Change

Today I took a general look at my own appearance and realized that I do not want to look like I do anymore.

Let me explain...

You see, for the past 5 years, I have let myself go physically.

My haircut looks nasty and the color washed out. 

My skin looks like I have spent way to much time in the sun and I look OLD.  I am 42 years old and about to become 42, I don't want to LOOK like I am old.  I don't mind being 43, as long as I don't look like it.

My hands and nails look like someone added a layer of sandpaper to them.  Disgusting to me.  The psoriasis is really harsh on me...even in my ears.

I wear my clothes like a garbage bags.  I don't seem to care about myself anymore.

Well, looking in the mirror today, I decided it was time to change that along with the other things about myself I don't like.

I darkened my hair and it looks great and I am going to start a personal regime every morning to try to put myself BACK where I belong.  I even bought a new hair  piece to play with that gives me more options.

My entire skin care line has been sitting in my bathroom feeling neglected because all I do is brush my teeth and hair and go.

No more!  If I want to SHOW that I care about me, I need to also take the outside into account.  It is time to stop hating my own looks.  

No more bags under my eyes, no more wearing whatever just because it is there, but actually taking care of myself.

I don't have to wear makeup, but maybe every once in a while...when I go out, do it.

It is time to start caring about what I look like as well as caring about what is on the inside. 

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