13 December 2012

Getting Ready To Begin

I received my copies of Stephen R. Covey's books today.  

I have so far, just looked at the basics on how to use the books and will begin reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by this weekend.

I am looking forward to doing this and finally having more tools to help me on my journey through life.  We all need a little help on our way, and to me, it is in HOW and WHERE we find the help we need.

I will be adding my reading list to this blog very soon, and in the order I am reading the books.  It will help me document my where my trail has been and where it is leading me.

The workbook for The 7 Habits says to read the first 62 pages before reading it, so that is where I shall start on this path.

Still no leads on a job, but with the holidays, I will just have to hold out and hope for the best in the weeks after the New Year...think positive and move forward.

Mercifully I have LinkedIn to help me out!

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