09 December 2012

A Look At Mental Change

I have been thinking about the post I did on depression and I am thinking that in order to take care of this particular situation, I am going to have to take the bull by the horns.

I have pinpointed the areas that need my attention.  Confidence and Depression causing the laziness factor.

I am going to look into things that will help me change these bad habits in my life.

I want to overcome this in the best way that I can.

So I am resolved today to start the process of changing myself and becoming the person I know myself to be.  

This will not be an over night situation but one that will take a while to accomplish and patience is going to be my thought through it all.

For the job situation, I have added myself to LinkedIn, a site dedicated to helping and promoting people in their goals to have a good job or even a career.  I am looking forward to seeing how this site can give me the tools I need to succeed.

I am also going to look into many different aspects of myself and my life in the next few weeks as I continue the search for a job.  

I think this is also the time to finish many things that I have already started or work on things that should have been done all along to fix myself.

I will get there, but it will take a while...and I am ready once again to at least give MYSELF a chance to change for the better...and to make myself happy!

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