14 November 2012

Phase: Writing

So far today, I have yet to begin my new goals list.

They are only a day old, but I have to solidify them all and make sure that I follow them to the letter.

The writing bit is harder to get into since I have yet to figure out how I am going to write, and the way I am going to go about it that makes sense to me.

I am concerned about the writing, because I have spoken to many friends here and there who have written novels and have told me the good and the bad in doing so.

I hold no illusion that I can sit here in my jammies day and night and write whenever the mood strikes...it takes dedication, hard work and hours of my time to do so.

The time aspect is where I will eventually have to look longer and harder at since I am now in the process of searching out a new job, and trying to make ends meet...I don't expect to magically write a book, get it published and be on the bestseller's lists all over the world making stacks of cash...I don't think that happens overnight for anyone-even John Grisham...sorry folks, he put a lot of dedication and time into every book he has written, and only HIS name on those novels now is what truly sells because he worked hard to gain the world's affection for his works.

I expect no less for myself, but first I need to write before I start thinking that far ahead.

I have been doing research into my favorite authors and checking out their interviews on the practice of writing, and getting a lot of information and insight into things so that I can begin.

Many now dedicate full hours to their writing, but this I cannot do because I need to keep the roof over my head right now, and I  need to eat, and that costs money.

I can only write when I can, dedicating myself to a certain amount of hours right now, and also trying to do research for that writing. So, I am setting up a writing schedule that will work for the time being and allow me to find a job or work full time.

As long as I am writing everyday, I believe I will be able to start doing this on my own.

There will be more on this subject soon!

~Happy Reading
Karol Lynn

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