12 November 2012

My Newest Venture

I am not sure how this is going to work out, but I have a  new venture while I am out there trying to find a job.


If you click on the links, you will find deals on my new site.  Everytime you click on the link it gives you a great deal and helps me.

I do encourage you to at least check it out.   These are hard times and whenever and wherever you can find a good deal, I would suggest taking it!  I know I do every chance I get.

The link is also on the right side of my page above my Twitter link and I will be tweeting some great deals as often as I can, so follow me and soon I will begin putting up a separate Twitter profile for the site when it becomes necessary.

This us a new adventure for me, and I hope it works out!  I encourage you to check me out and see what I have going!!

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