07 November 2012

Bad Times Again

Well as of Saturday, I was let go from my job.

I will not go into details but to say that what happened may have been completely wrong and not from my end of the bargain...I know I did nothing wrong, and that something was off when the local butt kissing trailer trash threatened my job the day before, I was set up to be let go...

It doesn't matter, because I know that God will reward this behavior in both and it is not my place to question it.

I am going for unemployment and I will make sure I find a job that will value me and work with me and not allow this kind of behavior.

I will find something to do that will make me feel like I am a good person and a good employee.  It won't happen over night, but hey, it will happen.

Obama is now going to be president for another 4 years...this is a bad thing in many ways because he has yet to do anything that will bring profit to this country and not steal from the masses...

I am praying for a better 4 years and for our re-elected president to wake up and realize that the people of this country want job security, peace and a president who cares about them and the ones defending this nation...that maybe we will find a way to show this president that his medical care program goes against the basic principles that are in our Constitution-LIFE, LIBERTY, and Happiness...these will be taken away from many when or if this stupid medical program takes place...and we can forget the financial deficit it will throw all of us into...especially those out there who actually CAN work for a living and DO work.

Oh well, again, I say I am still a political atheist and I choose to vote when it is necessary but I will stop letting it worry me....

God have mercy on this country and on me.

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