09 June 2012

Writing, Life, Whatever

I am still stuck for things to write!  The block sucks!!  

I think it has something to do with the way things are going everywhere I am these days!!

I had some ideas I want to do for the future, and I will tell you about them soon!

The truth is that I feel I need to DO something more, be something more and I am working on that, thinking about it.

At work, I am watching people content to just be and screw around and it makes me even more determined to make more of my life, be more classy and have an interestingly great time!

I am mindful of Diana Gabaldon's advice for writers-if all you can think about is writing, then you are a writer.  However, I  can't help but think that the other part of that is that you must WRITE something to BE a writer!!!

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