15 May 2012

I Wish People Would Get Real!!

I like my job, I really do, but the people I work with are crude and crass and ignorant of anything!

Two of them act like they are better than the rest until I pull the big words out of my lexicon and blast them in the brain!  I can see the confusion and fear in their eyes when I do.  It is enough to make a girl want to scream!

The one guy I work with is such a whiner for a guy!!  Every time I turn around he is crying about something or tattling to the manager about things!  I have learned to pretend to be patient with the guy and keep my mouth shut because he will squeal!

Everyone there show such inconsideration it drives me nuts...then they want me to show them respect?  It is crazy!

The general manager is a good person, though young, she is trying hard to do things the company way and to help me out in her own way but sometimes she forgets the things she says she will help me with...though she is genuinely happy that I am finally getting close to 40 hours a week, I cannot stop but think that this young woman needs more experience in not only this business but in dealing with human beings before holding so much responsibility.

Her little cohort and stupid sidekick is such a liar, you know she is doing it and you have to keep your mouth shut because she has somehow managed to kiss enough ass and wheedle and lie her way into her upper positition-which isn't much.  She is bossy and does NOT know how to handle people.  Originally she was laughed out of the room when she wanted that position being told she doesn't have the skills and abilities it takes to BE in that positition...so, what did she do?  She made sure she got the people out of there she wanted out and then threw many under the bus and lied her way into the position and we all know that all it takes is a lot of complaints to UPPER management to get her gone and sooner or later someone WILL do it, and I will back them.

I have nothing against this woman except her desire and need to attempt to belittle people and try to over rule the general manager's words right in front of her...and the general manager doesn't say anything!!!  If this woman DOES more to make me mad there and continues her little Hitler attitudes then I am going to say something for the first time in nearly a year since I started working for the company.

I am tired of the stress of some idiot who can't treat people with a little human dignity yet wants everyone to respect here...it isn't happening.  I will never respect her any more than I respect Obama!!!  I respect the postions they hold but as for the people NO!!

Beside that fact, this woman is ignorant and she is backwards in her speech and her manners.  She is nothing but trailer trash and knows it, that is why she does what she does.

Forgive me, but ANYONE who has gone to college and gotten a degree HAD to have taken an English class or two and this woman's English is atrocious!!  It makes me ill!  I am half tempted the next time I hear her  talk to say: "Um, didn't they teach you any English in your basic courses at college?"  Just to be a smart ass and to show the rest of them that many of the things she says it totally untrue!!  I would like our GM to catch her in at least one lie or two so she can see the woman for what she is!!  A conniving little whore-ish backstabbing bitch.

I can see this woman stabbing our general manager in the back soon!  She has done it before and I know she has no qualms about stabbing another GM in the back, and this time a very naive one at that!

Despite this, I love this job and just want to do it with my own vast experience without this woman getting in my way or telling me I am wrong, especially when she was 17 when I started working in this profession!!!  She is a looser and she knows it!!  I cannot wait to see her fall and she will, I can see that too!!


Nicole Noffsinger said...

It is said that the meek will inherit the earth. Well until we do petty people need Karma to come up and bite them good and hard on the butt! I wish I had some advice to give you but all I can say is-don't give in to their antics. if they can reel you in and get a reaction out of you they will and they'll relish in it. Oh and could you increase your font size...I couldn't hardly see.

Karollynn said...

You getting old Niks? Hahaha!!

I am trying to work with and around these people but it is hard when I watch the backstabbing. I am one step ahead of them and always dancing around the problems in order to avoid getting caught in the stupidity.

Thanks babe!