22 April 2012

Been Busy And Tired

I am so tired!  My job is crazy these days!  I can't believe how little regard management and her cohort has for others around them.

I barely get home, and lay down on the couch before I either pass out or turn on the tv and watch movies all day long!

I haven't even had the heart to be on Facebook, but then again, the drama there with certain friends is enough to drive me insane!  I am so tired of some of the attitudes and actions of people there.

I spend most of my time relaxing when I am home and thinking of how I want to live a better way than this.  I can't go on like this!  My apartment is an unholy mess and I can't even muster up the desire to clean it!!  It is horrible.

I spend as much time reading Jane Austen as watching movies!!  I don't know, I guess that Amanda Price in Lost In Austen is right, you take it on the chin and patch yourself up with Pride & Prejudice!  Only, I won't get the chance to step into the pages of Jane's world like Amanda did!  Though that would be absolutely fun, wouldn't it?

Either way, I am in need of something MORE here and not just scraping by financially and mentally!  I need something to help me remain true to myself!

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