30 December 2011

Last Gift From Ben Breedlove-Think About This A while.

Ben Breedlove was a sick young man with a heart condition, he experienced three instances where he died and was brought back to life.  The heart disease that he had was something that prevented him from living a normal life as a kid and later a teenager, he wanted to be like normal kids, but that wasn't to be the path God chose for Ben.  He gained a following on Youtube that was so huge that in the end, you can see that he touched the lives of many young people of his own generation...he also touched me after his death on Christmas Day of a heart attack.

He left two videos behind, telling of his afterlife experiences and what he can remember of the first one he had at age 4 and on to the last one before the making of the video on 6 December 2011. He tells of how the mind continues on even when the body is techically dead...the last time he had been gone for about 3 minutes.

I can only imagine the fear on the faces of the other students around him in the high school on the day of the last heart attack when he was in school...maybe this is the true meaning behind Ben's video...to reassure them all that they shouldn't worry or be afraid.

His remaining gift to the world was not the explanation of WHAT happens, but something else entirely. 

In the 7 minute video, he does speak of  his after life experiences, yes...but at the end of the video, there is MORE than anybody would expect....LOOK carefully at Ben's face as he tells his story in flash cards...the serenity, the FAITH it took to tell us what that is: 

This story was brought to my attention for  a reason.  A direct message. It wasn't about his afterlife experiences...or his experience with EMS and being unconscious. It was something more for me.

He spoke of being proud of himself, and I couldn't help but wonder if God was telling me the same thing....to BE proud of MYSELF too.

He also spoke of not being afraid and that where he went was someplace he WANTED to be,  and he never wanted to leave. Heaven-his heaven...it was a reassurance of the fact that it is not only REAL but a place of total love and security, especially when he spoke of his favorite person and song being played there...Rapper Kid Cudi.

Ben's message was simple, but he asked us a question...

Do you believe in Angels and God?

~Happy Reading,

Message to Ben and His Family From Kid Cudi:

About Ben Breedlove:



-To Answer Ben's last question:
  I do too.

~Rest in His Eternal Peace, Your Light Will Continue Shining Long Into The Night 

  Ben Breedlove
  August 8, 1993-December 25, 2011
  Thank you.

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William Dye said...

this is great! Thank you for posting! I love reading well thought out poetry!