16 October 2011


I have found a new reason to get a Kindle today...

Not only is the Kindle portable, I find that I can now read while walking and save myself from carrying a silly bookmark whenever I go...

Don't get me wrong, there is something so nice about the good old fashioned book and bookmark...defining of a reader's character.  You see what people feel about reading..and I used a lot of things for bookmarks over the years since I am a book purist and HATE bending page ends, getting things on them or writing in them and marking them up.   

This would be perfect for me since I won't have to worry about ruining a book or loosing my bookmarks.

The other appealing idea behind electronic readers is that I can carry my entire library with me...if I need to look up something for one of my characters, for instance, I have the book right there with me instead of going into my boxes of books to find the one I am looking for, or have a whole stack of books sitting in one place or another. I have what I need at my fingertips.

The old fashioned traditionalist book lover in me will crave having a book in my hand and turning real pages, but at the same time, I am considering what ereaders are doing for the environment...saving  trees from certain death for my personal reading habit...but I think I will be alright.

Other advantages I found is that I can turn off the lights or sit in a dark place and STILL read my book because it has a back light to it and long battery life.  That would be nice so that I can turn off my bedroom light before I get settled in to read, rather than get out of bed to go turn the light off when I am tired...just turn off my Kindle.

I considered also getting the Nook since I already have two of Diana Gabaldon's books on the app along with a few more books, but right now the Kindle Fire is all the rage and it looks to be a good sound investment for the near future...I will be getting the Nook too in case I can't find a certain book in Kindle I am looking for, but for now I am going to enjoy the Kindle first.

Even though I will be carrying around my entire library on the Kindle, it seems I have to re-establish my library and buy almost all of the books again, but it looks like there are bargains, and I have a wish list so that each week or so after I get everything taken care of, I can order a few at a time.

I love Diana Gabaldon, Sherrilynn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, J.R. Ward, Sara Donati, Sara Douglas and a host of other great authors and I can easily find many of their books for cheap prices and some of them bundle on Kindle so it would be easy to get them at a cheaper price...though I just may go for the individual books and go from there.

There is a whole host of good books on Kindle that are under $3 and I can get some of those as well.  I do love to read.

There is also the easiest part of all, I don't have to visit a book store, I can buy and download a book in seconds from the bus stop if I wish to. I could have my TBR list sitting there waiting and start reading while I am riding home from work, or to work or on my breaks...no bulky plastic bags to take home.

Granted, there is something to be said about going in and exploring a book store and checking out all the titles out and all the fun things there, but for someone who would have to take a few buses to get there, or have to go to the grocery story to purchase them...how convenient is that when I would have to carry the bag home or on a bus when I do go?

Then there is the loss of Borders Books, which was very near me...that, I believe was the worst of all here...loosing a book store that carried all of my favorite Pagan authors and movies and good reads...and the erotic romance department was actually growing!

Soon, though we may only see book stores online like Barnes & Nobles (for they may end up closing their stores and relying on the ecommerce world for income too eventually, since their Nook is so popular as well), and others...what will be left may be the Used Book Stores still open and thriving because that will be all that will be left of the world of paperback and hardback book publishing.

Part of me is sad about that, another part of me marvels at the way we are progressing in many areas so we don't rely on natural resources to keep us entertained.

I won't get my Kindle for another few weeks, but until then, I will work on building my library on my Kindle app and my Nook app so I am prepared!

Already have Laura Stamps and Jane Austen all ready to go!!


Ila said...

I had a Sony ereader and loved it. I was considering a Nook when my laptop started giving me problems. I decided instead to get an IPad. I have iBooks, Nook app, and Kimdle app on it. Don't forget all the free ebooks that are available. I love science fiction and downloaded over 100 free science fiction ebooks.

Laurie Carlson said...

Hi! I have the Kindle 3G w/ WiFi with the Keyboard! It IS still available for about $50 less than what I paid, but I wouldn't exchange it for anything in the WORLD!!! I LOVE it!! The Kindle Fire looks GREAT, but, I am NOT into all the movies and other things available on it. The ONLY thing on the Fire that appeals to me would be the 'colored' pages for craft books I download, which I get mostly from NetGalley. The crochet patterns I use need to be up and available, along with the photo of what I am crocheting, and this takes more battery life. I have read the FIRE only holds a battery life of 8 hours. I would MISS MY battery life of up to 3 weeks!! Although, I go through a whole battery charge 1-2 times a WEEK I read my Kindle SO much!! I have a Book Blog, www.lauriehere.blogspot.com and read almost ALL of my books on my Kindle!! I CAN tell you from experience, I don't see Barnes & Noble going OUT of business at ALL. There is STILL a GREAT DESIRE FOR PHYSICAL BOOKS! You cannnot deny the beauty of a book! Especially a book that has a GORGEOUS COVER, and back, and everything in between the cover! I find in my giveaways I do on my Blog, physical books OUTWEIGH the request for ebooks!! Of course, Gift Card are a favorite FIRST!!! People LOVE Gift Cards because they can buy anything they want to!! After those, THEN come ebooks! Myself, I LOVE BOTH!! The things I miss about physical books are the back cover. You don't get that from the ebooks. What I LOVE about reading on the Kindle is exactly what you said, you have your ENTIRE LIBRARY in your pocket or purse!!! Whatever mood you are in, you can read that book! I also like the fact you can make Categories, and list the books that way. Or maybe they call it Collections? You can make Romance, Mysteries, Women's Lit, etc. I like to do this so I know what books are what! Not having the back of the book to read to know what the book is about, and having 330+ books on MY Kindle, leaves me wondering at times what the books are about! As long I have Categories of what the books are somewhat about, I'm SET! I LOVE MY KINDLE!!!
I also LOVE the fact that I can go to Amazon and look it up with my 3G connection ANYWHERE I AM AT, as long as I have a cell signal, in case I can't remember what the book is about! This comes in SO handy!
I LOVE the fact that reading on the Kindle is PRIVATE!!! No more does conversation come up about the book I am reading! I can read a controversial book, and be left alone as NO ONE KNOWS what I am reading!! Ha, ha!! Reading on the Kindle is truly a "private" experience! I LOVE this fact!!!
You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR KINDLE!!!
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Laurie Carlson
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