05 August 2011

The Neighbor Downstairs

The new job begins on Tuesday.

My only concern is in getting up on time to catch the bus.  I am so worried that I will miss it most of the time because of craziness.

My neighbor downstairs is a constant worry to me because the woman, though sweet and has ADD, is a pain in the back side. She is always loosing her cellphone and storming up to MY apartment to use mine to find it or call and yell with her daughter. One day, I was on the phone with a friend when she stormed back UPSTAIRS and demanded the use of my phone after hers had gotten stolen...

This woman is so bad, she comes in and helps herself looking in my stuff and making herself at home.  I was not raised that way and to be honest, it makes me nervous to have someone doing that in my home where I am the hostess.

Thursday night around 3 a.m. she locked herself out of her apartment, the proceeded to hang around mine until almost 4 a.m.  and I was livid because she wouldn't call her daughter to come unlock her door until I hedged at it for 30 minutes.  My first thought was that I could have had to work in the morning and she was disrupting my sleep and my time just to do this.

I am going to speak with the apartment manager soon because this cannot go on anymore.  I am going to start doing something uncharitable and unChristian like tell her she cannot rely on me anymore and tell her no because she spends to much time taking advantage of me when she should be more responsible.

I know I am being uncharitable towards my neighbor but she cannot keep doing this to others around her, and she needs to use consideration when she does. I don't want to be mean to the woman since she is very kind, but she must learn to be responsible and not constantly blame others and other things for her mistakes.  She needs to find a way to remind herself of what she needs to do in order to survive, or her daughter and he apartment manager need to find a better place for her and have her live with someone else.

She babysits her nephew down there and we have gas stoves and heat...what if she accidentally locks herself out with him inside and the stove on or forgot to completely turn off the stove and the gas permeates the place????  That is what has me worried...and the fact that I am two floors up from her place and if she starts a fire, and I am up here, I could be trapped.

I know these are crazy worries, but I cannot help thinking of them and what could happen.

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