08 July 2011

Musings And Changes

With the coming of a new job, and many changes to my life, and watching and adding myself to new and more interesting arenas in writing, I feel that this blog will change just a bit as well.

I am changing the name soon and contemplating what that name should be.  I want it to be something that reflects the writer in me as well as my own personal voice.

I want to get back to writing reviews and giving you everything in my heart.

As of today, the new job looms in a week, and I am so ready to move forward with my life and myself that I cannot contain it all within me.

I would like to get with my other people and start working on a forum for reading and getting into things.

This past week, I have been working diligently on catching up my blog Tea In Austenland, a blog designed specifically for my year long journey through Jane Austen's world and the Regency Romance genre.  It is also a place for me to learn more about the Lady Jane herself and learning more about her and the world and time she lived in.  I am learning so much, and a seed idea for writing my own romance is slowly taking root.

There is also the lovely world I created called Forever Raven where I am discovering a whole lot about myself and my people through the writing process, I am enjoying it as much as I am enjoying my poetry site, Dreams Of The Blue Rose, and that may expand too in time..and grow and change. 

I am happy to say that all of this may culminate in the changes here that will encompass book reviews, my writing and everything else I wish to say or convey as well.

Recently I became more active on my Twitter and am ready to resume life there as well.  If you wish to add me, it is in the widget on the side of this blog.

Dreams Of The Blue Rose, the poetry blog still exists, but I have moved a lot to Writers Cafe and had it copyrighted for the most part.  I don't know if I wish to keep the blog open if I am to move it all over to the webpage.  I will let you know. 

As for the blog and forum Jen and I run called Awaiting Diana, we are still undecided on what to do with this since Jen has since moved her part in most cases to Darcy Nation and we were trying to keep the blog mainly to Diana Gabaldon and what is happening with her and a lot of my book reviews which are also here in some shape or form.  We will discuss this and move forward from there.

As I am surfing through all of the blogs and friends I have followed here, I see that many have been making the switches from one place to another, and many of the site are making changes to a lot of things these days.  It is a bit discouraging for someone who is trying not to change too much in her world...but alas times do change and so do people...even my aol addy has had to be changed so I can actually use it and get back on track.

Beginning in the next weeks, this new job that I have will play a major role in how I post and how I do things across the internet.  I am making personal changes to get organized and ready for the new job...from house cleaning to downsizing my activities everywhere...this includes the addiction and crazyiness of Facebook.  

I am looking forward to this new job because I will be able to do a bit more for myself and be able to advance as the years progress.  I plan to stay there as long as I can and be a very productive employee, and to show that I am worth something in my own mind.

I will write and make sure that I make the time to write and not fail myself in this.  In the end, I don't want to say I wish I had done this.  I want no regrets at the end of my life.

My religion is another sore spot in my heart, but I do know where I am, and what I want...so the Catholic in me does stand firm as the Pagan tendencies reconcile themselves with the fact that what is there is actually Christian as well.  That doesn't make sense to anyone but it is what is happening as one is half dying and the other is going strong.

I am so happy for the changes I am making and the new worlds I will inhabit in the near future, life seems to be getting better!  I can't wait til it is great!

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