05 May 2011

New Report On Me

I am back, and feeling really good about myself these days...or so I sometimes like to think.

I have had a strong conviction in the religion I am choosing to walk, and going to do my level best to follow it...I am a witch, and I can't help that. I keep hearing those words in my head as I go along.

I have begun a new project that includes writing my book and new poetry.

30 Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto kind of reminds me of Caine, my sometimes bad boy who loves Arianna.

Alasdair Raven is Arianna's twin...a widow with a few surprises in store.

I am planning to begin a writer's blog for this or just use my webpage for this. I think it would be easier for me in the long run. I do need to work on it or create a new one for writing. Not sure yet what I want to do.

I have been in my own apartment now for almost a year. I like it, but it is hard because my job isn't that lucrative. I am now searching for alternatives to the financial problem, but I am going to hang on for a while longer. I have been at my job for over a year, and I really don't see much of a future with it lately.

I do love having my own place, but I just don't like living so close to the city.

I have all of my freedoms back and able to have a lot of privacy, and that is good, I just miss my Ian Simon Sullivan. I can't afford to have a cat yet, but I do want one so bad, it kills me.

My neighbors are alright. One is definitely rude, another stays to herself, and the new one across the hall hasn't truly moved in yet...and the one on the bottom floor is the sweetest lady here, but you can tell she is lonely. I don't mind her coming up to chat or whatever, she is kind too.

I want to find a new job soon. I cannot afford to live my life and be able to save money in the one I am working in.

They killed Osama bin Laden. I am glad that he is finally gone, but part of me feels like his ending was anti-climatic considering that the War on Terror started so epically and so tragically...you would have thought that after all this time, we could have given those victims some form of satisfaction with his death, but from what is said, it happened so quickly nobody knew that he was dead until the end of the whole thing. He is truly gone now and we can breathe easier knowing one less man is on the Most Wanted list of all time.

I am currently stalled in my reading. I have a pile of TBR's on my nightstand, but I have been way to preoccupied with many things lately to get into them. Or I have been too tired from working and too stressed from my other activities to get into any one of them. Sad because I love reading so much.

The Awaiting Diana Blog is gone now, almost. The other creator and I are working to find a different path to take with it, but for now, we are on hiatus with it.

I am so tired these days. I can never get enough sleep, or enough relaxation time.

I am going to go ahead and create a new blog or a new web page for my writing. I think it will be easier if I do.

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