07 April 2010

Updates On What Is going On With Me


It has been a while since I have been here. This blog has been re-vamped again and I will be working on changing a lot of things in the near future with it.

I did a lot of spring clean here and you will find that it will soon be nothing but about me and things that I do like. I will be importing some stuff to a newer blog elsewhere sooner or later for my own convenience and to streamline my blogs and seperate things that I like and things I read about.

I have a new job lately that I am not 100% crazy about, but I am glad to have, and they are glad to have me.

I have also recently learned the true meaning of friendship and who can totally be trusted to be there when I need them and who is just there to use people....Karma is a royal bitch and I will see the downfall of many of them sooner or later. Enough said.

I am going teaching myself how to organize myself and my time to spend it in the various places I wish to spend it...ie: here and Awaiting Diana. I will be there more often in the near future.

Speaking of Awaiting Diana, I am proud to say that the re-vamp Jen did on the forum is wonderful and I am looking forward to the re-vamp of the blog. We have added a new blog page called Darcy Nation that Jen will run herself. I like it, and she has done a brilliant job. I guess I am next on the list of changes and additions...lol I am soo looking forward to doing my part to help out.

I will also be working to make sure we get everything done for all aspects of things.

My other projects will be fun too. I am working in another place and playing with some wonderful people to make what is only fantasy into a fun escape. I am enjoying the friends I make there.

I cannot wait to see things change and work for all of us all around.

Next up is grounding myself and getting back into some habits I always needed to be in...and that includes myself spiritually. It is time to return to what calls to me and has been within me forever.

I will continue to change and fix this site and others...however, in the end, I will eventually take down the writing blog because I am working on putting it in the website DREAMS OF THE BLUE ROSE. I will also be closing down many pages that I no longer use. Since one or two sites shut down it should be easy as of this moment. Live Journal may end up closing down for me. Everything that is there is here and I no longer feel the need for more than one page. I will see, since I am reluctant to part with a longtime friend.

I am working to clear things up so that I can make room for not only my poetry/writing website, but so that I can open up another one for reading and stuff...or just have a blog for it.

I will be back soon, just give me a few!

Karol Lynn

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