27 August 2009

What I Am Up To So Far-

I am still searching or a job, and again, I say that it is very hard to find one with the unemployment rate so hight. There are more than twenty applicants per job opening. I am keeping hopeful, and I know that sooner or later something will come about.

My great-uncle died this past Monday. It is alright, he was 94 years old. He lived a good life and was a WWII veteran...he suffered a lot in the end, but now that it is over, I am happy that he is in Heaven and the suffering is over. He will be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon.

I am doing what I can as far as reading. I am counting down the days until Diana Gabaldon's AN ECHO IN THE BONE is released at the end of September. My only hope is that I have a job by then so that I can afford to buy the book instead of being on the reserve list for the library.

Right now, I am currently in the re-read of FIERY CROSS....which is not one of my favorite DG novels, but moves the story along quite nicely. I am over halfway through it and plan to get my reviews for it up in our forum blog soon.

I am also beginning the writing process for myself. Soon, I will be neck deep in information and ideas for my own writing and hoping that I can write something awesome.

For the moment, I am just babbling and getting something here so everyone knows that I am alright...

Have a great day!!


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