15 June 2009

Lost My Job Today

At the end of the day today, my boss handed me a letter and said he was laying me off until September....

WTF??? Forgive the strong language, but I am upset because he let me go when I can do many things in that joint, and kept the part time help, who is only there for three or four hours a day and doesn't do anything...and he kept his lazy manager there. She only works for a half hour out of every hour she is there and spends the rest of the time smoking cigarettes and cussing everyone out!! And I am the one he let go...the one who works and is capable of doing everything.

Worse, he kept the girls he hired AFTER me!!

The reason was that there wasn't any work...funny, there was a ton of it over the last three or four weeks!! Today and last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were the only days that we were kind of slow!!!

Well, I am shaken, upset and ready to scream, but I am NOT broken!! I will prevail! I have God on my side and in my heart!

After the initial crying jag on the way home from work, I am sitting here after putting in several applications online...although, I am going to have to figure out how to get my resume in some of them, I think I put in enough for today.

I know that many people think that there aren't any jobs out there, but I am sure I can find something...I have faith and I have confidence in myself that I will accomplish this as soon as I possibly can.

I do not wish those people ill, and in September I don't think I will go back to work for them...they have treated me poorly over the year that I have worked with them...the foul language and the poor attitudes of the ones around me only brought me down and made me into an uptight, upset person and I am glad I am gone. I feel sorry for those who are left.

Anyway, I am just going to keep praying and keep my heart close to God in this.


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