04 June 2009

Oral Surgery And My BDR Fix

I am going to spend most of tomorrow having oral surgery.

I know you are thinking that is so not fun...and maybe it isn't, but the dentist performing the surgery is so gorgeous, I think I will be able to live with the pain and sedation and numbing of my mouth...lol

I have my book list all lined up and ready to go....J.R. Ward's LOVER UNBOUND...I am going to read Vishous' story. I am in the beginning of it, but I am going to be all over this while I am in bed sick!!

I am thoroughly hooked on this vampires recently...to the point that I have added some more fun to my blog here....check out the Stephanie Meyers and Acheron widgets...both of which i am total fans of!!

I just wish I could find some more cool widgets for the Black Dagger Brotherhood and tons of other cool stuff!!

Reminds me, gotta add Warchild back in to here...lol

Anyway, this weekend, I will be out of commission, so if you actually do see me on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter saying some weird stuff...ignore me, the Vicodin will eventually wear off....you can make fun of me when I am coherent!!

I am just putting up some cutesy stuff to feed my BDR fix....

black dagger brtherhood Pictures, Images and Photos

Black Dagger Brotherhood Pictures, Images and Photos

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