30 May 2009

Writing and Sacred Space

I am going to begin to evaluate my life to this point..I feel that I am failing myself when it comes to accomplishing my goals and dreams.

I spend more time reading than I do writing...and that is my dream.

I want to write that great novel instead of having my head buried in one.

I guess that in order to do this, I must begin with the cliche...that first step.

I know I can accomplish this, it is a matter of getting to a place where I can do it. I need that sacred space where the world cannot interfere with what I wish to accomplish. Again, this is hard, but if I stop crying about it and just do it, there shouldn't be that much of a problem....

Besides, if I can find the time and energy to go to the library and write in an online blog...why is it so hard to stop and take the time to find a place and time to write what I need to???

I wish I had a place somewhere that is totally private and easy to get to online where I could write....blah!!!!

I will figure this out!


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