31 January 2009


I am a lover of Scottish romance...I can't help it! I love men in kilts with those claymores hacking away at a woman's heart!

It doesn't matter what the time period for a Scottish romance is, I will read it.

I have read many authors of Scottish romance-from Kinley MacGregor to Lynn Kurland's time travel...and of course my personal hero, Diana Gabaldon!! I can't help loving to escape into heather covered moors and watch lovely lochs gently moving in the breeze.

So, I am about to embark on reading Monica McCarty's MacLeods of Skye series. HIGHLANDER UNTAMED: http://www.monicamccarty.com/books/untamed.html

Of course, I will begin this tonight after I finish reading Sharon Lathan's novel (check out Darcysaga.net...you will love it if you are a huge fan of Jane Austen). I cannot wait...my electric blanket, a cup of earl grey, some Walker's Shortbread, and this girl will be lost in Scotland once again!!

I have heard excellent reviews of Monica's books, so reading this will be a joy...there are three novels in this series, then on to her next series-The Cameron Trilogy, which starts with HIGHLAND WARRIOR which came out just last week on January 27.

I know that taking on another series would be suicide for some, but I am caught up with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters (except DREAM WARRIOR, which comes out in a few days), Kinley MacGregor's Lords Of Avalon series (which is SK's alter-ego, and the next one comes out later this year), and Gena Showalter's Lords Of The Underworld (the next will be out in May, so I am not worried about catching up). I love reading favorite authors, and as long as I keep caught up with each author as I need to be, then it's alright...besides, Sharon Lathan's next Darcy Sage doesn't come out til September...I have plenty of time.

I will be reviewing that novel soon, but for now...I need to read it!!

I am looking forward to reading this one!! I haven't read a Scottish romance in a few months, so I shall thoroughly enjoy myself!!

Monica's web page is: http://www.monicamccarty.com/index.html

Long live the Scottish Romance!!!

~Happy reading,
~Karol Lynn

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