10 January 2009

Lynn Viehl, Twitter

I have found that reading is the greatest comfort I have these days. I have just discovered a new author named Lynn Veihl, and her Darkyn series. I am on the second book in the series called PRIVATE DEMON.

I don't have many stats for Lynn as of yet, but finding stuff on her is kind of hard yet.

Lynn's work is far different from Sherrilyn Kenyon, but she is fun to read. A bit dark, but I am getting into it slowly.

So far, there are about seven books on the shelves, but I have done like SK and bought about four of the books so that I can stay into the series rather than finish a book, then bite my nails waiting to go the the book store to buy the next in line.

I figure that when it's time, I will be able to get the last three in the series soon....I hear that the very latest in the series is Robin of Locksley as a Darkyn.

Darkyn are basically vampires with a heirarchy complex, so to speak...they are a race who's enemy is the Bretheren who hide behind the Archdiocese. They use God as an excuse to maim and torcher men who rose from the grave centuries ago, similar to the old legends of Vampires.

However, the Darkyn have a twist...they are Knights Templar who came back from the Holy Land with this curse/disease that allows them to live forever....the usual type of suspects for a vampire style story, eh???

I will find more information online about Lynn Viehl and get it here as soon as I can. I am very behind in my Awaiting Diana Bood Review blog, and I will probably put it there as soon as I get reading on all the novels.

Right now, I am borrowing BY THE RAVEN'S MOON and DEVIL MAY CRY audio books by Sherrilyn Kenyon from the library and I may spend some time listening to books I have already enjoyed reading....

Sometime soon, I will be working on my website and other blogs around the net...I have just been busy reading and trying to get home from work in one piece lately that I haven't even thought of getting online much except from my cell phone....and now that I am doing the forum newsletter bi-weekly, I can spend more time on the Dark-Hunter message boards and other various places.

I am limiting myself on my Facebook because there isn't much there for me to get into, and trying to spend a lot more time on Myspace and Twitter...or rather, figuring out Twitter...lol
http://twitter.com/raven1746 as soon as I figure out what I am doing there, I'll let ya know...lol

I am also on Bebo, but that one is something I still need to figure out too...too much going on!!!

Have a great weekend, and happy reading,

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