03 January 2009

Finished ACHERON

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This is my book review for ACHERON in my GoodReads profile. I just put it up today and it is at it's bare bones:

"This book was very hard to digest in the beginning. The cruelty dealt to Acheron had my heart aching for him. I wanted to reach through the pages and beat the tar out of all of those who had hurt Acheron and Ryssa....a sweet little soul who, like Acheron didn't deserve what fate had dealt to her.

I loved the way Sherrilyn seemed to answer all of our questions from previous Dark Hunter novels concerning Acheron and his past. I was a bit confused at first as to why Ryssa's point of view was being told, but in the second half my questions were answered. I loved it! I felt like I was asking the questions from Great Expectations: What does the first chapter have to do with the rest of the novel?? OOOOHHHH, now I get it...lol

The second half of the book was pure Sherrilyn Kenyon, and I loved it all, but what surprised me the most was that Soteria, our heroine, was even stronger in mind and soul that Ash was. I laughed at how she had her little "girl talk" with Artemis, and her whole entire character was delightful, and didn't deviate from her younger self in Dream Hunter.

I was sad to see the last page of ACHERON because I didn't want this book to end...then again, with so many other stories added to the Hunter series, I am looking forward to seeing the other arcs to the series and Sherrilyn's other larger than life characters come forward. I loved this novel! I even went out and bought the audio version for my walks and other times of rest! I will be re-reading this novel over and over again!"


I loved this novel, and I really recommend it to anyone, but first they must read the other novels first. Those I put in our book review blog, which I have linked to this blog.

I loved the fact that Acheron is both strong and very shy and timid at the same time. His insecurities are what makes you love him throughout the stories, but at times grind on the nerves because they are based on the past, and that was 11000 years ago, but some things run deep, and this only added to the sexy factor that is Acheron.

Soteria, the heroine of the story was a shock. I was expecting the little nerdy girl from DREAM HUNTER to be completely changed, re-vamped and turned into some goddess rival for Ash's affections. Instead, it was the same girl we loved from Arik's story, and the only changes was she grew up and she shines brighter now. A perfect soul mate to Ash....the one you would think was the stronger ends up being weaker, but in a great way...it's awesome. t

I guess what I am trying to say about this story is that while Acheron is the alpha, Soteria isn't exactly the wimpering weakling...she is definately alpha in her own right....and both characters have their own issues to over come.

I loved Soteria's threats to Artemis...that is one tough girl!!

I also love the references to modern slang and music...along with the references to other authors that Sherrilyn shares the spotlight with, and in anthologies with: L.A. Banks' expression "drop fang" is mentioned in the series....along with Nickelback's music and other bands that I actually love and listen to.

The dialogue in the novel is in keeping with the other Dark Hunter series and is fun to read. Sherrilyn doesn't disappoint in this one!!

I cannot get over how this novel went. It was amazing, and I am so proud of Sherrilyn Kenyon's work. I am looking forward to the WORLD arc and the Dogs Of War arc which will be Nick's baby....this will be so much fun!

But first, I am going to settle down to ONE SILENT NIGHT. It is the utlimate enemy/bad guy, Stryker's story...it will be fun to see Stryker fall!! I cannot wait for this one!

After ONE SILENT NIGHT, I am on to finish Sherrilyn's alter ego: Kinley MacGregor's Lords Of Avalon series and then to J.R. Ward's vampire series.

By that point, I am hoping that Lynn Kurland's third book in the NINE KINGDOM'S series is out, and then I am patiently awaiting the next Dark Hunter to come out...there are two that I am dying to get my fangs into that are coming out this year!!!

Happy reading, and much love to all!!

~Karol Lynn

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