29 January 2009

Dream Warrior Out February 3, 2009

Dream warrior Pictures, Images and Photos

I am looking forward to Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon coming out February 3, 2009. It is the next leg in the journey of the Dream Hunters and Dark Hunters.

As I have stated many times before, I am a huge Sherrilyn Kenyon fan, and I plan to spend a few days reading this one! It's exciting to FINALLY be on the same wavelength as other fans. Even though it only took me two to three months to catch up on a series that has been out since 2003, I am happy about how quickly I was able to get there.

This is the Amazon.com description:

The son of Warcraft and Hate, Cratus spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him. He was death to any who crossed him. Until the day he laid down his arms and walked into self-imposed exile. Now an ancient enemy has been unleashed and our dreams are his chosen battlefield. The only hope we have is the one god who swears he will never fight again.

As a Dream-Hunter, Delphine has spent eternity protecting mankind from the predators who prey on our unconscious state. But now that her allies have been turned, she knows in order to survive, the Dream-Hunters need a new leader. Someone who can train them to fight their new enemies. Cratus is her only hope. But she is a bitter reminder of why he chose to lay down his arms.

Time is running out and if she can't win him to her cause, mankind will be slaughtered and the world we know will soon cease to exist.

I have already read an excerpt of this, and I am so fascinated by Cratus! Only six days left!!

Dream Warrior Pictures, Images and Photos

~Karol Lynn

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