05 January 2009


Today was a lovely day. It was my birthday, and it felt like the sun was shining all day long...just wonderful.

Today, it seems that I have found that I don't feel like I am 39, but I feel 29...it's so funny because every year since I hit thirty, I have felt like I was younger than I am...people say I look younger than I am, and I will not argue with that, who would???LOL

It' so nice to be able to feel that way about myself...I am mentally thirty nine, but in all other aspects, I don't....I am not questioning this, friends, I am just glad that I still have this mentality....I wonder if I will have this when I am over forty....we shall see...lol

This past weekend was nice. I had a little celebration of my own with the Walker's Shortbread and Earl Grey tea that Nej sent me for Christmas while I read ONE SILENT NIGHT in two days (see, I told you I would end up reading fast, I always do with Sherrilyn Kenyon). I also went for a walk in my park because it was so warm for this time of year...it was also sunny all weekend too, like God had decided to give me something special for my birthday.

I spent most of my walk thinking about myself and my life. I thought about all of the changes that have come into my life and how I have dealt with everything.

I came to the conclusion that I fail quite a bit, but I have learned to place the blame solely at my own feet, and fix what I can....I have learned that I am a forgiving person, and I would do whatever it takes to help others, even when I get slapped down for trying...I do it because I want to help, and not for any other reason....that's the way we should all be.

Well, I am going to go home and have a nice evening in with my family!

~Karol Lynn

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