13 December 2008

Acheron, Writing and Wordpress/Websites

It's been a while, I know. I just got busy with everything and being sick. It's been a real joy ride to be me recently.

I have finally began ACHERON by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I am halfway through the novel, and I am very impressed with this novel thus far. It is different from the rest, very emotional. The foreword said that she will get back to the usual type of writing in the second half of the novel...that fun, sarcastic and witty author we have come to expect from SK.

Acheron makes me wonder what Savitar and Jaden will be like. They are already interesting characters to me, and worthy of epic novels too in my opinion. Of course, it would be better to be able to see Nick Gautier as a huge deal as well...I also think SK is setting up another arc in her Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter/Dream-Hunter/WORLD series. I just read in her Myspace page about another breed of hunters...it looks like Sherrilyn has a hard time letting go of her favorite characters. That's alright because it's hard for her fans to let them go too...hehe!!

Reading more and more of this series has inspired me to write more often recently...one of the reasons that I haven't been online a lot lately. There's a lot in my mind and I want to get it out before I go mad!!

I am also working on my Wordpress blog-BY THE RAVEN'S PEN, and my web site by the same name. I am trying to get everything in that site as I can. I cannot wait to see either of these mature.

I am also trying to get my LiveJournal updated and get some of the poetry in there that I promised Lilimist I would have there. I want to make sure that I keep all of my promises.

Work has been a pain in the backside, but that is to be expected, and if I could, I would quite and find something that is better than the unnecessary chaos that is my job. I just go to work, do my job, and go home...only home is a pain in the ass as well....

My family gets on my nerves, and I am at the end of my patience levels with them...I am literally counting my money as we speak to see if I can get out of that crazy place!!! The only comfort I have at the moment is knowing that I have been given a bit more privacy, even if the "room" I am in still is out in the basic open...ah well, I am going to knuckle down and do what I need to do....get away from it all!!!

I am going to go out to the park today, it will be warm this weekend, and I want to enjoy it while it lasts....it's also the only refuge I have in this world!

I am also planning to get as much of ACHERON read as I can this weekend. I love this story, and I am very impressed by SK and her work.

I am also planning on working on my own writing this weekend. My backpack is full of the things that I need to help me write. I cannot do this on my computer because of all of the disturbances, but I can write down the things that I need to on paper just to get the whole crazy thing put down somewhere. I will eventually get my work on the computer, or maybe my Writing.com site as I have time and the availability of the computers at the library....

I go to the library to use their computers because I get some form of privacy and quiet to write and check out my forums. It's a lot easier, and I have a young friend here who actually enjoys my company and misses me when I am not here...he could be my son, but I prefer big sister. I do watch out for him, and make sure that he stays safe on Myspace. He's a good boy, just very young and impressive....I just hope that friendship with me helps him in some way.

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~Karol Lynn

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Jen said...

Just dropping by to give you a big cyber hug. Hope the shopping went okay and that Santa's elves have accomplished their task ;)

Love ya Sis!!