04 November 2008

Goddess For President

Alright, here goes nothing....and it's all rant.

Every one of my friends know that I love my country, I am a supporter of all things that are better for the general good of our population. I am proud to vote, and even though I gripe about it, I consider jury duty to be a part of my citizenship....

Having said that, I am sorely ashamed of my country throughout this entire election season! I have been going to the polls to vote since I was eighteen years old...and to be honest, I have NEVER seen anything so disgusting as this entire election.

The lies, slander and general abuse of political powers have made me so sick, that this morning while I was at the polls, I almost did a write in vote for the Goddess as president!

I am sorry, but I realize that on both sides of parties, we will get our fair share of cult like followers of each candidate, but seriously!! To hang a Palin doll in effigy in one state then to turn around and do the same with an Obama doll on a Kentucky college campus is wrong! We make up our minds to vote for the ones we think is best, and it's up to the candidates to change our minds....it's not our place to defile the other because we don't like his or her proposals. It's our place to vote and let them know what we think and what we feel on these issues.

Over the course of the next four years, America will be in the crapper, no matter who is elected, and it's going to take more than the Rotorooter man to get us out of this. So, whomever you vote for, you can honestly know that you WILL NOT be happy with what happens. We are all going to have to shut up and just work to try to make sure that the future will be prosperous...that is the bottom line!

I am sorry, my friends, but I am very disappointed in our country! I am very frustrated because I had to vote down a levy that wasn't asking for much and we need desperately because our economy is so far beyond redemption at the moment that I couldn't! I was angry over this...and this levy only was only asking for very little, and I can't even afford NINE CENTS for it!!

You know what? I heard an interesting story on NPR radio about a year before the War On Terror began about four men in Iraq who had stopped at a red light. One of the men made a joke about Saddam Hussein and a police officer overheard it....they went to prison over the joke....only 1 man came out of prison alive....imagine NOT even being allowed that because you don't have the FREEDOMS that the rest of us have...image NOT being able to tell our leaders to kiss our collective ass!!

Today, in front of me at the polls was a couple. I didn't know that they were from another country until they spoke...they sounded like they were from the Middle East. They were talking about the many times they had been at the polls to vote. My mind kept running towards what it must have been like for them. To fight to come to this country, then to BECOME citizens of America because they wanted to. They don't take this duty for granted, and they didn't gripe or argue for their chosen candidates...they were happy to have the opportunities that we so often take for granted....Even the freedom of religion and speaking out for and against the things they believe in. And here we are-poor examples of how to do things with dignity and grace.

I know I am being harsh against my country, but I think that whether it's "change" or "reform"...Joe the Plumber, or "my wonderful grandmother"...we are not going to see anything productive come out of the next four years-and it's these words you are throwing around for the good of your election campaign.

I keep praying for us, and I keep hoping that millions of others are too.

All I can say at this point, is that I voted. I am proud of the fact that I did, but I am not happy with the choices and the issues on the ballots.

I hope every American got out today and voted. Remember one thing: our military fights for this freedom too...don't take it for granted!

~Karol Lynn


Jenster said...

Karol - There is not one thing in this post I disagree with. Very well said. Now it's up to us to pray for the President of the United States and pray this country will come together.

Jen said...

Great post Karol - and I will join the both of you in praying for our country, our troops and our Presidents - both present and future.

Karol Lynn said...

I am glad I wrote that before the results came in.

Thanks for listening to me rant for a few minutes!

I am going to pray for this nation everyday, and hope that whatever happens happens.

In the meantime I am taking a page out of Tim MacGraw's book and Let It Go.