05 November 2008

Dark Hunters And Nickelback-Yummy!!

I just wanted to experiment with newer colors and ideas for today...so bare with me ok...lol

I am not in a better mood today, and it has nothing to do with the elections...they way I see thatis this: in four years, I can fire him, and that is that...lol

Anyway, my job is such that I am starting to realize that the anger, negativity and apathy are what is causing my semi-depressed moods lately, which are resulting in stomach aches and headaches....I can't quite, given our current state of economic abusive affairs, so I have to tough this out, and give in on myself-I have five days' vacation pay coming to me. Instead of using them as sick days, maybe I need a vacation....maybe I need sleep and a bit of time away from everyone and everything!!! Who knows, I just want to rest and pray that will help.

I have been absorbed in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series! I am so far gone, I buy the next two in a series when I am only half way through a book....I figure that I won't be stuck waiting for to go buy the next novel, I will have it in my tbr list. I find this to be a great series that has fueled my imagination (check my review in Awaiting Diana~BookObsession's blog). I also have the links to her pages here and there...and I need to add them to my webroll here soon.

I am also excited because Nickelback has a new song out, and I love it...I cannot wait for the cd to come out or the video! I love Chad Kroeger!!! I am going to put the youtube lyrics up right now for my own drooling benefit, and because Chad is one of my pick-me-ups, right up there with my favorite Dark Hunters...lol

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